Psychotherapy and Counselling Union:

Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility: PCSR is as much a culture as an organisation, an attitude of mind rather than a set of rules and regulations. Taking action and initiative matters, providing an alternative to or complementing the way the bigger ‘professional’ therapy organisations operate.
As an organisation we tend to hold neutral space so that people can explore, think about, share and be free to nuance opinions without feeling pressured to conform. We are not for or against regulation, protected titles or concepts like ‘evidence based practice or ‘professionalism’ and our membership hold a variety of opinions on these and other matters. Where we believe that a project or issue is being imposed without appropriate debate we will take a stance.

Counsellors Together UK: Counsellors Together UK aims to work together to end the culture and prevalence of unpaid work within our profession. We are a Counsellors campaign group, with over 5000 members and growing every day. Our goals are: 1. To challenge the culture and prevalence of the counselling profession being expected to work without being paid. 2. To see an end to the routine use of qualified counsellors volunteering to deliver counselling services in organisations and agencies across the country. 3. To ensure counsellors are valued and seen worthy of fair remuneration for their work. 4. To end the financial hardship and emotional duress suffered by many counsellors who feel they have no choice but to continue to volunteer or work for free, once qualified. 5. To campaign and advocate for counselling as a route to emotional and mental well-being in children, young people and adults. 6. To publicise the challenges that counsellors face, in order to raise awareness; and influence social, political and economic change; working with and on behalf of our 5000+ members.

The Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy: The Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy took the lead in the successful campaign to challenge the Government’s plans for Statutory Regulation of the professions of counselling and psychotherapy. Since then, the Alliance continues to campaign on contemporary professional and political issues, and is committed to developing and supporting initiatives that offer radical alternatives and positive programmes – in practice, theory and research – for the future of our field. Membership of the Alliance is by invitation, and includes senior therapists from all traditions, as well as academics and activists. We also have a data base of nearly 2,000 supporters.

The Person Centred Association: The UK’s membership organisation for everyone interested in the person centered approach, including counsellors, psychotherapists, researchers and students

The College of Psychoanalysts: The College of Psychoanalysts is a professional body for psychoanalytic practitioners in the United Kingdom. We operate alongside the other institutional bodies that claim to speak for psychoanalysis, insisting upon the diversity of practice that developed with and since Freud.

UK Person-Centred Experiential: The organisation for Person-Centred Experiential counselling and psychotherapy in the UK

A Disorder for Everyone is a successful and highly regarded campaign group, led by Jo Watson, which challenges the culture of psychiatric diagnosis and the medicalisation of counselling and psychotherapy. AD4E organises inspiring events around the country, and have recently released the book Drop the Disorder, via PCCS books.

Free Psychotherapy Network is a group of therapists providing free and low-cost therapy to clients who would not otherwise be able to afford the therapy they need. FPN embodies a philosophy of social justice and community values, and will undoubtedly be a valuable partner as we continue to support counselling and psychotherapy as a diverse and progressive endeavour. 

Surviving Work provide resources for working people, information about politics and therapy, and have recently undertaken an extensive survey of IAPT workers, the preliminary results of which can be found here.

BAATN is the largest network of therapists in the UK with a focus on supporting those from Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean heritages. Working to address inequality of access to therapy and other psychological services for people from these communities, BAATN seeks to support and integrate ‘the black empathic approach’ in education and therapeutic practice, offering training, events, and working alongside like-minded organisations.

Pink Therapy was set up 21 years ago by Dominic Davies and is a fairly large independent and virtual therapy and training organisation focussed around improving the mental health and quality of therapy available to gender, sex and relationship diverse (GSRD) clients. 

 Aashna is a unique therapeutic space, offering individuals from all backgrounds the opportunity to come together to nurture our voices and support each other to facilitate change.  They are the creators of “Lets Get Uncomfortable”:  Embedding explorations of race, ethnicity, culture and power in therapy embodies this social justice vision.