It has been a busy few weeks for PCP. We have been affirming our aims and position as a growing partnership of organisations, and working collaboratively to ensure we are prepared to respond to the next stages of SCoPEd and the proposed APPG in a way that best represents our members. Our updated aims can be found on our homepage.

We have also welcomed three new organisations to our partnership.

Surviving Work provide resources for working people, information about politics and therapy, and have recently undertaken an extensive survey of IAPT workers, the preliminary results of which can be found here. We are delighted that Surviving Work’s founder, Elizabeth Cotton, has decided to join the partnership.

A Disorder for Everyone is a successful and highly regarded campaign group, led by Jo Watson, which challenges the culture of psychiatric diagnosis and the medicalisation of counselling and psychotherapy. AD4E organises inspiring events around the country, and have recently released the book Drop the Disorder, via PCCS books. Jo brings an important perspective and it is fantastic to have her on board.

Free Psychotherapy Network is a group of therapists providing free and low-cost therapy to clients who would not otherwise be able to afford the therapy they need. FPN embodies a philosophy of social justice and community values, and will undoubtedly be a valuable partner as we continue to support counselling and psychotherapy as a diverse and progressive endeavour. 

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